Future societies require new leadership, extensive co-operation and flexible information systems that can be used for many different purposes.


Society of the future

The society of the future requires new leadership, extensive co-operation and flexible information systems that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

The economic situation, changes in our demographic structure and the diversifying needs of citizens are driving us to seek innovative solutions for increasing the efficiency of public administration. This poses a challenge for leadership and management as well as for co-operation, operating methods and information systems. The anticipation of service needs and the efficient targeting of services require new tools and methods, as well as more flexible use of information systems and data.

The challenges facing leadership and management

We will seek development paths for new leadership together with local authorities and state administration. Since organisations, their tasks and legacies differ from one another, there is no single model of new leadership that would fit them all. Good public administration also presupposes better horizontal co-operation between administrative branches and levels, as well as increased interaction with various interest groups and the development of a more open and innovative operating culture. Efficiency can also be achieved through shared principles and procedures.

Reshaping service production and service structures

We are involved in the development of municipal service production and the reshaping of service structures. The changes aim to respond to the public demand for well-being services and to support the public economy. We also develop tools and models for anticipating service needs that can then be used as a basis for service planning and decision-making.

Sitra’s projects aim to achieve the following improvements to well-being services:

We encourage people to assume more responsibility for their own and for the community’s well-being. We promote business that aims to solve social and well-being-related problems.


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