New success stories are born from business models and ecosystems that operate beyond sectoral and technological boundaries.


From business branches to ecosystems

Economic renewal requires new vision and bold choices on the national level. In Finland, economic growth has traditionally been based on individual sectors, such as the forest industry and the ICT sector. Today, however, business must be developed beyond sectoral boundaries, creating new ecosystems in the open and global economy.

Sitra as a business developer

We look for new business models and business areas with strong future potential. We also seek to identify structural obstacles to economic growth in Finland and eliminate them through market action.

We carry out experiments and pilot projects to test and develop operations and operating models that meet market needs. These projects aim to create a foundation for solid and sustainable business.

The Landmarks Programme, for example, studies future demand related to the countryside. We develop and test new business models for local food, local energy and the local bioeconomy. We also encourage businesses to pursue novel ideas and opportunities.


  • Identifies and brings together the parties needed to find a solution to a problem.
  • Serves as a facilitator and responsible party in projects.
  • Launches experimental projects as the owner.
  • Invests capital in the core companies of business ecosystems.


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