Sitra is Finland’s fund for the future

Everyone in Finland has a role to play in building the future. A better tomorrow is born from today’s acts and decisions. At Sitra, we strongly believe that the future is made together – so come and join us!

The future is a team effort

The future is a team effort. But no one can make major change happen alone. That’s why we are so enthusiastic about co-operation. When we share a common goal, it becomes easier for each of us to find our own pivotal position in the team. In this team, government and officials have their roles to play, researchers, artists and companies play their own and even the team’s staff and supporters have an important contribution to make. Every act and every decision takes us to the future.

The best result is achieved when the right people and organisations find each other and make renewal possible.

A builder of preconditions for reforms

We share a passion for making Finland a pioneer of sustainable well-being – and we take our vision seriously and work in any way we can to achieve it.

We base what we do on expertise and foresight. As an agile, experienced, future-oriented organisation, we have a wide variety of tools at our disposal to identify the need for change and to make it happen.

Our role as a future-oriented fund involves creating preconditions for reform, spurring everyone towards making a change and providing opportunities for co-operation. What it means in practice is that Sitra investigates, explores and develops operating models in close co-operation with other responsible operators to support public administration.

The common factor in all our activities is the vision for the future, through which we reflect the need for development.

Behind Sitra’s future-oriented work, there is a strong vision of Finland as a successful pioneer of sustainable well-being. Sustainable well-being means life that is good on all levels and built on a socially, ecologically and economically sensible foundation. It is created through long-term, transgenerational work, but it also means that there is well-being today, not just in several years’ time.

By sustainable well-being, we refer to the One Planet Living approach – that is, not exceeding the earth’s carrying capacity in our pursuit of a good life, today or in future.

A strategy means making choices

Achieving the goals set out in our vision depends on making the right choices. At Sitra, we have created three strategic themes to tackle the challenges posed by megatrends. And it is through these themes that we can channel our vision. The nature of each of these three themes was determined after considering our own resources and how best we can contribute to sustainable well-being in Finland.

The Capacity for renewal theme strengthens the ability and will of Finnish society to renew itself, which is not just a prerequisite for well-being but also gives Finland a competitive advantage. The Carbon-neutral circular economy theme is building sustainable everyday life based on a circular economy, where well-being is not built upon the overconsumption of fossil fuels. And the New working life and sustainable economy theme promotes efforts to find new solutions for work and the economy, experiments with those solutions and helps guide their practical implementation.

The secret to Sitra’s independence

Sitra’s operations are funded by returns from an endowment originally granted by the Finnish Parliament. According to law, the funds must be invested securely and in a profitable manner.

Although the return from Sitra’s endowment fluctuates, it averages approximately 30 million euros a year. The amount is not very large in terms of the overall state budget, but if wisely allocated it does give Finland an opportunity to play a pioneering role, increase well-being and generate new business. Sitra is an investment of 30 million euros in the future, every year.

Another important facet of Sitra’s independence is the fact that it reports directly to the Finnish Parliament. We are not answerable to the government in power at any one time, nor to a certain party or a trend, but to the parliament.

The profits accrued from our diverse investments secure the long-term future-oriented work carried out by Sitra’s staff, based on their expertise and vision.

Sitra was a present given by Parliament to Finland on the country’s 50th anniversary. The independent fund has been commissioned with the task of probing the future and promoting qualitative and quantitative economic growth.


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