Mechanical engineering is an important European industry that has created plenty of jobs and well-being in Finland. Its continued success requires bold changes.


Taking the Finnish mechanical engineering industry to the top

The Finnish mechanical engineering industry is facing great challenges. The need for structural changes has been evident for a long time. The financial crisis and fading exports further increased this need, as business will not return to its earlier levels after the recession.

Mechanical engineering in Finland still has what it takes to succeed if the industry makes use of the opportunities presented by change. The international market offers good potential for growth and profitability. The EU market and the restructuring of Russian industry are just two examples of the opportunities within our reach. Companies should see exports and international operations as natural parts of the business – something as integral to success as production, for example.

Growth and profitability require specialisation and higher production and product quality. Design and product development will become increasingly important.

Sitra promotes sustainable change

Sitra has accelerated change and success in Finnish companies. Sitra’s Growth Programme for the Mechanical Engineering Industry helps machine manufacturing and metal processing businesses develop from domestic workshops into international companies with top expertise. In addition to products of prime quality, internationalisation calls for new approaches and solid business skills.

  • As an active owner, Sitra contributes to the development of Mesera Corporation, Meteco and FH Group.
  • Together with 35 small and medium-sized businesses, we have explored opportunities in the German, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Polish and Brazilian markets. More information is available in our market reports.
  • We have contributed to the discussion of future trends with the publications Mechanical Engineering Makes for Successful Networks, Industrial Finland and A Finland of Many Solutions. These books suggest that industry will continue to be important for well-being in Finland. However, industrial companies must be willing and able to change.

Sitra’s Growth Programme for the Mechanical Engineering Industry (2008-2011) team consisted of the following people:

Mauri Heikintalo, Leading Specialist
Pekka Salmi, Leading Specialist
Markku Sjösted, Leading Specialist
Sirpa Hotti, Assistant

More information on the programme is available from Sitra’s Communications on-call service, tel. +358 40 548 0794.


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