Project funding

Through a variety of projects, Sitra is redefining the idea of a good life. We seek human-oriented operating models and promote sustainable business.

Project funding

We launch and implement projects together with the private, public and third sector, all aimed at increasing sustainable well-being in Finland. The range of our projects is broad, and includes those that run for several years as well as short-term trials.

The projects that receive funding are related to Sitra’s themes and the practical work we do (see Projects below). Our themes are Sustainability solutions, Fair data economy and Democracy and engagement.

A list of all Sitra’s completed and current projects can be found in the archive.


In addition to projects, we also conduct various small-scale trials, for which we seek partners through, for example, calls for ideas. We use trials to find and test new operating approaches, which can be used to accelerate social change.

We also import new ideas and operating models from all over the world and test them in Finland. Even here, we seek partners who are ready for change to help us develop models that are suitable for Finnish conditions.

Research and publications

Sitra does not conduct research on its own, but rather collaborates with experts. Sitra’s publications present information on the results of our future-oriented work. As part of larger-scale projects, we occasionally provide funding for studies, which present information and views on matters that are important to the future. Our aim is to produce new information in a transparent, open manner, so that it benefits everyone that needs the information.

Sitra does not provide funding for academic research projects, dissertations or commercial research and development projects.

How to apply for funding

Sitra’s website presents information on our latest, most important future-oriented work. We also discuss new topics currently being prepared. All our work and choice of topics are based on our vision and its resulting strategy.

There is no specific funding call for applications or application form.

If you have a project idea related to one of our themes or you are interested in Sitra’s trials, please contact the person in charge of the respective theme.


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