Ratkaisu 100

Ratkaisu 100 was a challenge prize competition aimed at solving one of Finland’s key future challenges. In November 2017, the winners were awarded one million euros to bring their idea to life.


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Solutions created by the Ratkaisu 100 teams. Enjoy!


Ratkaisu 100 was an open competition aimed at solving one of Finland’s key future challenges.

Sitra’s two-year challenge prize had three stages.

  1. We asked you to define a key social challenge affecting the whole of Finland.
  2. Teams comprising problem-solvers from all walks of life were tasked with solving the selected challenge.
  3. They competed against each other to develop the best solution.

The one million-euro prize was split between two competing solutions: Headai, which harnesses capabilities for identifying expertise using artificial intelligence, and Positive CV (Positiivinen CV), which identifies hidden strengths in young people.

What challenge must Finland solve? You tell us!

Which social challenge do we want to solve? The competition began with an open discussion. We asked an open question: What do YOU regard as the key challenge with a view to Finland’s future: it can be a concern, a problem or an opportunity.

The discussion deepened our understanding of the highlighted challenges. What major development paths are concerned? How did the problem emerge and why? What opportunities have we yet to explore?

Finally, with an open vote online we, jointly selected one challenge for which the competitors must find a solution: Skills to a more effective use. To develop a solution that allows for the more effective identification and utilisation of expertise and capabilities in a world where people and information move from country to country more.

Will you be the one who finds the solution? Put a team together.

During the second stage, in autumn 2016, we convened the teams with the sharpest ideas to work together on solving the selected challenge.

We believe anyone can become a problem-solver. Teams of people from all walks of life will develop new ways to tackle the challenge in question.

231 teams applied. 15 best teams were selected.

Whose solution will win? Follow the competition.

During the competition stage, in 2017, the teams were assisted in developing their idea into a practical social innovation. The solutions was also subjected to a real-life test: the developed ideas were trialled and further developed during a piloting stage.

And then? Walking the talk.

The future is made today. To make sure the solutions get off the drawing board, the winners were be awarded one million euros to bring their idea to life.

It is time to make things happen – together.


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