Sitra’s research activities challenge it to think creatively and hone its strategy


Research helps Sitra to have an impact

All research conducted at Sitra is connected to its sustainable well-being strategy. Sitra’s research challenges this strategy from a certain standpoint, deepens certain aspects of Sitra’s strategic understanding or enables it to build new strategic perspectives. 

Research is at the core of Sitra’s work, along with its focus area activities, societal training and corporate investment. Sitra’s research team provides research data and skills that fulfil the needs of its three theme areas. The team also carries out individual research projects within the limits of Sitra’s research budget.

However, Sitra does not engage in academic research, but focuses on bringing existing knowledge together. We carry out and commission research that:

  • makes a clear, verifiable contribution to meeting the challenge under investigation
  • aims to have a conceptual (leading to deeper knowledge of a given subject), instrumental  (helps find solutions) or expertise-building (at individual or institutional level) impact 
  • is genuinely useful to our stakeholders

We choose research topics based on the following criteria:

  • investigation of the topic will sharpen or challenge our sustainable well-being strategy
  • the topic can be focused to create a project with a clearly definable target audience and desired impact
  • the topic is important to Finland’s ability to reinvent itself
  • Sitra can bring added value to the research topic in terms of its role, the timing of its involvement or its perspective
  • it involves thinking creatively with respect to the international understanding of the issue
  • it takes an approach that is at home with systemic or so-called thorny issues 

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