Sitra at 50

Finland is celebrating 100 years of independence in 2017. This year also marks Sitra’s 50th anniversary – the fund was founded by the Finnish Parliament as a gift to celebrate 50 years of Finnish independence. We will be celebrating by continuing our future-oriented work – and we invite you to get involved!



Young people to plan the exhibition on the future with Heureka and Sitra


The Next Era


Finland’s centenary is also Sitra’s anniversary, which we will be celebrating by continuing our work and practical co-operation. For us, the year can be summed up neatly in four words: Building the future together. Written simply like this it could sound like a lame slogan, but when it is applied every day in our thoughts and actions, it is very relevant.

The future is always imminent and consists of completely ordinary, everyday things: warmth, well-being, health, expertise, interpersonal relationships, equality, functional transport and blueberry forests. Each and every Finn can live a full life within the limitations of our planet.

Is built. A better tomorrow is born from today’s acts and decisions. Every act, every decision, brings us to the future. Even though global trends are challenging Finnish life more than ever, the future is in our own hands.

Together. The future is a team sport. All of us are needed to build Finland’s future. When we share a common goal, it becomes easier for each of us to find our own, vital position. On this team, government and officials play their roles, researchers, artists and companies play theirs and even the team’s staff and supporters make their own contribution. The future is built together – each and every Finn is needed.

What do we do?

We here at Sitra will be celebrating by continuing to work to strengthen Finland’s capacity for renewal, build a resource-wise and carbon-neutral society and develop a new working life and a sustainable economy. We anticipate the direction a trend is taking, explore alternatives for development and bring in partners from different sectors to participate in open-minded trials and reforms. We are building a vision for sustainable well-being, we are looking for solutions to major problems and we are encouraging people to take on the challenges and opportunities of the future together.

This is not something we’ll be doing alone or for just this year. When we look in the mirror, we see Finland. As a result, we’ll be touring Finland this year more than we ever have in Sitra’s history.

Particularly special celebrations for the anniversary include the Ratkaisu 100 challenge prize, the Next Era work to create a vision for sustainable well-being, the Finland in the Year 2067 exhibition, a series of events in SuomiAreena and the World Circular Economy Forum 2017 event.

Who participates?

You, we hope. The anniversary of our future-oriented organisation is full of events, projects and opportunities to become involved, all of which you can find on this website.


Start with these.

Kuva: Rob Örthern

Seven siblings from the future


Ratkaisu 100


The Next Era




World Circular Economy Forum 2017

Helsinki, Monday – Wednesday, Jun 05 – Jun 07
live watch recording


Future-oriented work over past decades.


Päivi Hirvola
Director, Sitra
Helmi Saksala
Anna-Leena Mansikkala
Project Assistant
Jenni Sarolahti

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