Taltioni represents a new way of thinking that encourages Finns to take responsibility for their own well-being and that of their friends and family.


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Taltioni: the power to manage your own health

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Finland launches its trailblazing Taltioni cooperative amid global interest

Taltioni – a Finnish personal health records platform

Sitra has promoted the national Taltioni service, which provides a single platform for the storage of information on the health and well-being of Finns. It can be used by health care providers – in either the public or private sector – and covers all aspects of health; from the treatment of illnesses, to the promotion of general well-being and the spread of advice on how to prevent ill health.

How does Taltioni benefit you?

The health and well-being information of Finns has for a long time been fragmented and stored in several locations. Part of the information is saved in the patient information systems of health care operators, part is on paper at the patient’s home, and a large part is lost forever.

With Taltioni, people get tangible personal tools for the maintenance of their own health and well-being.

Examples where the Taltioni service can be of use include the treatment of chronic diseases, health and exercise journals, health coaching and delivery of laboratory results.

The Taltioni open ecosystem

Taltioni is more than just a data depository. Around the data depository there is an ecosystem that enables the following:

The objective is to create an open and equal ecosystem in which large and small operators alike can develop services. A cooperative will be established for the Taltioni, helping members to develop services for the ecosystem.

From society’s point of view, the most important benefits of the platform lie in the increased productivity of health care, achieved through advanced services, and the transfer of emphasis toward preventive measures.

The Finnish personal health records platform aims to create a whole new business and service environment and, as a result, new jobs. Taltioni is an opportunity for Finland to be a global pioneer of electronic health care services.

Steps in the Taltioni project

The Taltioni’s single platform solution forms the basis of the ecosystem. A solid and internationally competitive business platform should be ready for use in the first half of 2012. The remaining phases will include establishing the cooperative and developing the first services. After the initial phase, the focus of the Sitra project will lie in the development and expansion of the ecosystem and encouraging people and health care providers to use the services.

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