1. Ratkaisu100

    Challenge prize for the future

Sitra’s two-year challenge prize has three stages

1. We will ask you to define a key social challenge affecting the whole of Finland.

2. Teams comprising problem-solvers from all walks of life will be tasked with solving the selected challenge.

3. Teams will compete against each other to develop the best solution.

Info and contact

Are you a problem solver? The call for team applications is now open!

Globalisation and technological development are challenging how we recognise our competences and skills and how we utilise them. How do we solve this challenge? It is the time to start competing!

The Ratkaisu 100 Challenge prize is seeking teams to tackle challenges related to the recognition of competences and their better utilisation. Brainstorm a solution proposal, gather a team and apply to take part in the competition by 13 February 2017. Based on the application, we will select 20 teams for the second round interviews, and based on these we will select 10-15 teams to participate in the competition.

During the competition, Sitra will provide support to the selected teams for developing concrete, effective and implementable solutions. Our rewards for the best teams will total one million euros.

Interested? More details and the application instructions can be found in the competition programme (in Finnish). The main language of the competition is Finnish, so make sure you have at least one Finnish speaker in your team.

Do as follows:

1. Make the application in accordance with the competition programme instructions. You will find the competition programme and the instructions here (in Finnish).

2. Download here attachment 1 mentioned in the programme.

3. Send your application to the address ratkaisu100.hakemukset@sitra.fi by 4 pm, 13 February 2017.

Looking for a team?

Sitra will organise events around Finland. These events provide opportunities to get to know other problem solvers, seek for replenishment for the team, learn more about the challenge to be tackled and ask questions about the competition. The details of the events can be found here.

In the Ratkaisu 100 group in Facebook, www.facebook.com/groups/ratkaisu100, you can, if you wish, tell about the kind of expertise or competence that your team still needs - or you can contact us!

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