Kalle Nieminen

Director, Foresight and learning


Kalle Nieminen is the Director of Societal Foresight and Education. The function aims to strengthen the capacity of society and people to change by producing knowledge about the future, educating Finnish decision-makers and change-makers, and promoting social change through practical experimentation and innovation. It is also responsible for Sitra’s strategy work and evaluation.


Prior to this, Kalle has led Sitra’s leadership training for sustainable economic policy, launched Sitra Lab and led the Ratkaisu 100 innovation competition. He has also previously been responsible for the innovation activities of a Finnish listed company.

Kalle is the person to call when you want to talk about how to make social change happen.

What else?

In his free time, Kalle does everything under the sun, organises dinner parties and performs bad magic tricks. Kalle believes that old tricks are not enough and that societal change constantly needs new approaches and talents.

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