Kalle Nieminen

Leading Specialist, Sitra


Kalle Nieminen believes that the state plays a strong role in innovation. In his day job, he gets to live out this idea by leading Sitra Lab. Colleagues have given Kalle a host of titles, including Experimenter-in-Chief, Experimentation Geek and Innovation Prize Nerd.


Kalle – a veteran of dozens of speeches on the culture of experimentation and future trends – not only gets excited about talking, he also enjoys getting things done. He loves facilitating goal-oriented workshops and getting to roll up his sleeves. He will always have Post-it notes in his rucksack.

Kalle is the person to contact about Sitra Lab, innovation competitions, the culture of experimentation and megatrends.

What else?

In his spare time, Kalle explores new restaurants in Helsinki, plays darts (yes, that thing you do in a pub) and shoots YouTube videos.

He believes that YouTube provides a view into the future.

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