Päivi Hirvola

Director, Sitra


Päivi Hirvola is responsible for societal training at Sitra. Sitra Lab and Leadership training for sustainable economic policy are at the core of societal training, while the Lifelong learning focus area and the Round table activities for the labour market management are its topical priorities.

Päivi is a creator of cooperation and renewal, an advocate of the culture of experimentation and learning together, a promoter of dialogue and a facilitator.


Päivi has more than 15 years of experience in impactful societal work, innovative development, project management, co-operation and forming a common understanding. Her Master of Social Sciences degree and diverse experience provide insight and new, interactional ways to achieve societal renewal. The future is built together.

A solution-oriented approach, cooperation, the capability to reform and the will to innovate can be seen in the results of projects lead by Päivi. As a leader she considers it important to enable her team members to succeed in what they do. She finds the power of dialogue the most interesting thing about leading future-oriented work.


Päivi is a mother of two school-age children and therefore values good everyday life. She is a team player both at work and in her free time. The things that motivate her are a better tomorrow, life within the limitations of the earth, and meaningful and effective work to achieve these goals together with other people.

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