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    To succeed, Finland needs a skilled population. What will be the strengths of Finland's future education system?

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    As well as the deep exploration of themes, dialogue and networking, the Synergise Finland forum is about putting things into practice and experimentation.

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New Education Forum

Finns are proud of their education system, which is rated among the best in the world. However, the transformation of working life, digitalisation, growing inequality and multiculturalism, and globalisation pose challenges to the future of the education sector.

How might education and training respond to changing skill needs in the working life of the future? How can we foster educational equality and equal opportunities for all in education and training, in an increasingly polarised society? How can education be reformed in a student-oriented manner, while taking advantage of technology and setting our sights on the future? Instead of the traditional division into subjects, should the education system be based on a phenomenon-oriented approach? Will the education business be a future competitive advantage for Finland?

Sitra kicked off its fifth Synergise Finland forum in December 2014, with the theme New Education. The themes of the previous forums were New Work (2011), New Democracy (2011–2012), Sustainable Economy (2012–2013), and New Security (2013–2014). You can read more about Sitra's education and training activities here.

The Synergise Finland forums bring together groups of opinion formers from all walks of life, ranging from grass-roots actors to political decision-makers. While learning from one another, they explore the structural and cultural changes required in Finland in connection with the forum theme. These forums involve practical experiments and actions aimed at solving the social problems identified.

Learn more about experimental culture:


  • Orientation: 11.12.2014
  • Seminar: 20.-22.1.2015
  • Excursion to Boston: 8.-12.2.2015
  • Workshop I: 17.-18.3.2015
  • Workshop II: 16.4.2015
  • Workshop III: 6.-7.5.2015


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A big thank you for your forum post.Much thanks again. Will read on...
WilliamNen 9 months 3 weeks ago

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Blog Painfully slow change

Sitra's future-oriented forums discover what happens quickly...and not so quickly

1 year ago by Hannele Laaksolahti

Publication Landet där alla älskar att lära

I publikationen sammanfattas Sitras Ny utbildning - forumets 31 deltagares åsikter om hur den finländska utbildningssektorn borde utvecklas och vilken dess vision borde vara. Forumet har analyserat lärandet under ett havt års tid på alla skolstadier från vaggan till graven.

Anna-Sofia Berner, Hannele Laaksolahti, Riina Kopola (ed.)

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