The globe, circles and leaves.
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UNDP partners with Sitra to accelerate the circular economy


Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra undergoes renewal – focus on promoting economic growth and innovation

Kuvituskuva. Nuoria, EU:n tähdet ja koneen rattaita sinisellä taustalla.
news Democracy and participation

Young people’s new voting advice application attracts with videos

Young Finns will get to test a voting advice application (VAA) designed especially for them in connection with the European Parliament elections.


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    articles Sustainability solutions
  2. A new report proposes the EU to harness circularity and sustainable resource management to safeguard the clean energy transition

    articles Sustainability solutions
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    articles Fair data economy
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    articles Fair data economy
  7. UNDP partners with Sitra to accelerate the circular economy

    news Sustainability solutions
  8. Why the future and Sitra needs to be changed?

    blogs Sitra
  9. Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra undergoes renewal – focus on promoting economic growth and innovation


Building a better future for the European Union

We must now have the courage to look far into the future. How will the European Union solve its current and future challenges and seize opportunities? Decision-makers, check out the Finnish Future Fund’s proposals for building a better Europe.

This is what we work with

Democracy and participation

Democracy only works if people trust each other and trust social institutions and decision-makers. The goal of the Democracy and participation theme is to seek solutions for strengthening social participation and trust and to find ways to take advantage of new technologies.


Fair data economy

We are building a human-driven, fair data economy based on the European value base. The use of data creates well-being and competitiveness and helps to develop societies. Fairness means that the interests of individuals, businesses and society are balanced.



Sitra produces long-term foresight data in anticipation of the future. In addition, we aim to support Finnish society in interpreting and making use of this data. This work will help decision-makers, companies, communities and individuals, to prepare for the future.


Societal training

Sitra aims to boost the ability of Finnish decision-makers and change-makers to deal jointly with the key social challenges and opportunities of the future. The objective of our training function is to generate new ideas and new solutions. Our activities aim to create learning environments that enable thinking about and developing things together.


Sustainability solutions

Our daily lives, decision-making practices and business can fit within the earth’s carrying capacity. It pays to seize sustainable solutions right now, as they can help us stop overconsumption and biodiversity loss and mitigate climate change.



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