Building a better future for the European Union

We must now have the courage to look far into the future. How will the European Union solve its current and future challenges and seize opportunities? Decision-makers, check out the Finnish Future Fund’s proposals for building a better Europe.

EU leaders must have the courage to look far into the future and continue to create stability and prosperity. Sitra wants to help them see a brighter future and the steps towards it.

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Europe must ensure its competitiveness – Sitra’s proposals for the EU to boost the data economy


Digital product passports – a tool for sustainable growth


New course helps businesses make the most of data under new EU regulation

Kompassi ja Euroopan unionin tähdet

Unlocking the full potential of digitalisation and the data economy – including in the EU


WCEF2024: Europe urgently needs a circular single market to safeguard economic security

circular solutions for nature

Circular solutions tackle biodiversity loss and unlock business growth – see Europe’s top 30 list


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Sitra’s proposals for building a better Europe

Hand holding Sitra memorandum Putting nature at the heart of European Green Deal

Putting nature at the heart of the European Green Deal


Ensuring European leadership in the data economy


Digital Product Passports: catalysing Europe’s sustainable growth

circular solutions for nature

Circular solutions for nature

Nuoria ihmisiä EU:n tähtilogon ympärillä.

EurHope – Young people’s proposals for the EU of the future

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