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Call for journalists: Solution Hack enables change for a sustainable future

The online hack provides tools for journalist on how to shift the mindset and create a new vision for a broader public. Apply latest on 22 February!


Samuli Laita

Senior Lead, Communications and Public Affairs


How might we put an end to continuous environmental destruction? How can you as a journalist drive that change for a sustainable future?

The online edition of the Solution Hack for Journalists organised by the Lookout Station (EFI) and Sitra will take 12 journalists from all around the world on a journey to explore why we ended up where we are now, what needs to be fixed for recovery and what you as a journalist can do to drive the change for a better world.  By focusing on the problem areas and the links between global trade, products and environmental degradation, we will investigate whether the solutions offered actually fix the cause of the issue and think about the steps journalists can take as the “enablers of change”.

Today’s economy has resulted in a destructive amount of waste, pollution and CO2 emissions, leaving deep scars on our planet. Corporations have extracted finite materials from the earth to produce products. The rise of activist movements and public concern around today’s damaging economy have pushed businesses and policymakers to introduce a systemic change in our economies.

As a watchdog of society, how can journalists assess the solutions and avoid being trapped by greenwashing or ending up reporting about cosmetic solutions? How can you connect the dots and see how and what products are damaging the environment and communities far from home?

How can journalists assess the solutions?

Looking at the science, researchers and thought leaders have been pointing out the need to redesign today’s “take, make, use, waste” model of the economy since the 1950s. While today’s public discussion on green solutions has referred to “reduce, reuse and recycle”, many consider that it is only a tip of the iceberg. We need to go much deeper to understand how the system works and identify the solutions that can put an end to the environmental, societal and economic issues that are surfacing already today. Circular economy solutions are needed to safeguard biodiversity and solve the climate crisis.

Find out what steps you can take both as a journalist and a global citizen! Read more and apply latest on 22 February!

The application period has ended. Thank you to all the participants.

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