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ICT&health: In Finland digitisation paths the way to the future of healthcare

ICT&health interviewed Pia Heikkurinen from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra on how data is utilized in the Finnish healthcare.


“How is digital health helping Finnish healthcare to be more efficient, patient-oriented and sustainable?”

This was one of the questions ICT&health magazine recently asked Sitras theme specialist Pia Heikkurinen on digitisation of health care in Finland.

And the answer?

According to Heikkurinen, the Finnish secrets are precise collecting of data and persistent work to have the countrys health and social care data digitized and harmonized.

“This is now paying off for the Finnish Health Care System and Finnish citizens. Our vision is that through a better use of data we will be able to ease the workload of health care professionals, empower patients and create a more sustainable healthcare system”, Heikkurinen said.

To read the rest of the questions and answers, this is where to find the full article.

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