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Let’s develop IHAN technical requirements together!

We have published the new version of the IHAN Blueprint, which is now open for comments and will be modified in collaboration with system developers.


In the IHAN® project we are building the foundation for fair data economy. We are creating common European-wide rules and solutions for human-centric data exchange. As part of this work we are now writing the IHAN® Blueprint, a collection of requirements for implementing IHAN-based solutions and services.
In this phase, these requirements are used in pilot projects and later published for all who wish to implement fair data economy solutions.

What is the IHAN Blueprint?

The IHAN Blueprint is used to implement the IHAN operating model in the pilot projects and later in projects implementing IHAN-based solutions. The Blueprint version we are now publishing is our understanding of how components can be built according to IHAN requirements.

IHAN Blueprint consists of three sections:

  1. Overview: The IHAN Blueprint is a general introduction to the principles of the IHAN® operating model that describes the key components of IHAN, such as data identifiers, consent management and log systems.
  2. Inventory: The IHAN Blueprint describes the components required for the implementation of IHAN®’s functionality and its requirements.
  3. Assembly instructions: When you buy an IKEA cabinet, you consult a one-page instruction sheet on how to assemble the cabinet in order to safely store your goods in it. If you follow the instructions, it is difficult to assemble to cabinet wrongly. IKEA guides have evolved over the years to make them clearer and easier to use. This is also the case for the IHAN® Blueprint.

One of the tasks of our project is to develop the IHAN Blueprint over the next three years in the best possible way. The Blueprint development work is mainly carried out by IHAN pilot projects in co-operation with other committed parties. The aim is to create a general presentation, inventory and summary to help those who want to implement the IHAN operating model in the future, based on the work initiated by Sitra’s project.

How can I get involved?

We have published the IHAN Blueprint for comments in order to get a broader view of how well the IHAN® Blueprint is currently responding to its purpose.

We hope that as many partners as possible will be involved in defining the requirements of IHAN. Before the next version, we will compile comments on the current version.

The IHAN Blueprint will be open for comments until the end of December 2018.

The IHAN – proof of concept pilot funding will be available until the end of 2018.


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