Published January 1, 2018


Welcome to the WCEF Press Centre.

Press accreditation for the WCEF2018 will open in September 2018.

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Press photos

Click here for press photos from the WCEF2017 in Helsinki, Finland.

Press photos of the WCEF2018 will be uploaded to Sitra’s Flickr account during the event. The photo credits are shown in the photo metadata upon download.

Media usage of the WCEF logo

The World Circular Economy Forum 2018 logo can be used in media when reporting about the World Circular Economy Forum.

The rights to the logo are owned by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Transferring the right to use the logo to third parties is not allowed without the owner’s permission.

Upload the logo in different forms and formats here.


For more information, please contact WCEF Communications Manager Sara Vihavainen.


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