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Smart Forest - instructions and rules

Details and rules on the Smart Forest call for ideas...


Ernesto Hartikainen

Samuli Laita

Leading Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs, Sitra


1. Call for ideas – brief

 What it’s all about

  • Smart Forest is an open call for ideas organised by Sitra with the aim of finding and supporting new value-adding IoT (internet of things) solutions to forest products and services.
  • The call for ideas is taking place during the autumn of 2015.
  • Sitra has the right to publish ideas at the CEPI European Paper Week in Brussels on 17 November 2015 and in Sitra’s programme at the Slush 2015 event.
  • Sitra may also provide sparring support to the awarded teams for further development of their ideas in the spring of 2016.


  • We are looking for IoT solutions that can most effectively add value to forest products and services.
  • See section 3, “Idea submissions”.

2. Instructions and rules

Who can participate?

  • Participation in the call for ideas is open to teams of 2 to 5 people.
  • The submission can be an existing or a completely new solution (see criteria).
  • All ideas submitted by 08:00 on 22 October 2015 that fit the criteria will be evaluated.

Forming a team

  • Participation requires teams of 2 to 5 people.
  • A representative of the team must be appointed.
  • Each team must prepare a presentation that briefly describes the skills and backgrounds of team members.
  • Teams can register their participation through the Viima online tool on Sitra’s website.
  • A team can also be formed at the Smart Forest Hackday event on 19 October 2015.

3. Idea submissions

Submitting ideas

  • Each team will submit their ideas (in English or Finnish) by using the Viima online tool on Sitra’s website.
  • Participants are asked to take into account that ideas are public, open for comment and as a result available for use by anyone.
  • Ideas cannot be edited afterwards, but new ideas can be submitted.

What needs to be described in the idea submission?

  • What and how big is the problem the team specifically wants to solve? (Problem framing is critical – do it well!)
  • How would the proposed IoT solution solve the problem?
  • How much added value could the solution bring to forest products and services?
  • How will the idea be implemented and what is required?
  • Links need to be provided to supporting material (PDFs, SlideShare, Prezi, websites, etc.).

4. Smart Forest Hackday event on 19 October 2015

  • Sitra will organise a Smart Forest Hackday event in Helsinki.
  • Register your interest through the participation link provided, by 5 October 2015. Places are limited.
  • At the event teams can develop and receive feedback on their ideas.
  • Preliminary schedule, 08:30-17:00:
    • Team formation
    • Presentations on the forest industry and the internet of things
    • Assignment
    • Idea hacking in teams
    • Feedback sessions
  • The final schedule and programme will be sent to event participants.

5. Idea evaluation and criteria

Evaluation criteria

  • Novelty and innovation
  • Potential for sustainable well-being
  • Feasibility of idea
  • Diversity of team
  • Co-creation and feedback

6. Prizes

  • Sitra has the right to publish ideas (for example at the European Paper Week 2015, Sitra sessions at Slush 2015).
  • Sitra may provide sparring support from Sitra specialists and partners to reward ideas for further development of ideas.
  • Sitra will offer some selected teams the possibility to participate in potential Sitra-organised co-working sessions in the spring of 2016.
  • Sparring support and organsiation of co-working sessions will be decided upon the results of the call.
  • Prize money for best teams and ideas:
    • 1st place: 3000 euros
    • 2nd place: 2000 euros
    • 3rd place: 1000 euros

7. Use rights

  • Sitra has the right to freely use, spread, publish and edit team idea submissions.
  • Each participant must ensure that their submissions do not violate any third party right and that Sitra may use submissions in the way described in this document.

8. Contact

Co-ordinators of the call for ideas

Ernesto Hartikainen, tel. +358 50 346 1035

Kalle Nieminen, tel. +358 50 387 9350

Contact us
Ernesto Hartikainen


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Ernesto Hartikainen

Samuli Laita

Leading Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs, Sitra



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