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WCEF2021 Studios

New this year: WCEF Studios are local events that support the main Forum from anywhere in the world.


Tuula Sjöstedt

Communications and Public Affairs Lead


WCEF Studios are a new addition to the World Circular Economy Forum concept. These are local events that support the annual main Forum from anywhere in the world. They deliver all or part of the main Forum programme while incorporating additional elements to select local audiences, live or on demand.

This year’s annual main event, WCEF2021 will be the first to present WCEF Studios.

WCEF2021 Studios can be organised preferably during the first two days of the main event on 13-14 September or by using recordings of the sessions to enable easier participation from other time zones. All WCEF2021 Studios are to take place before 31 September. When organised during the main event, additional programmes should take place during the breaks or before or after the main event’s programme.

Studios can be used to connect discussions on local topics and solutions with relevant content from the main event. Additional programmes can include local keynotes, roundtable discussions, workshops and networking, for example.

Studios can be organised in English or, when boosting the local circular economy community, in other languages. The host is responsible for all practicalities and expenses related to organising the event, including the venue, virtual event platform, local programme content, invitations, registrations, marketing and communications, as well as possible translations.

If you are interested in organising a WCEF2021 Studio, please contact us at

All WCEF2021 Studios will be published on this website. The first ones will be announced on 18 August and the full list on 1 September.

Leading Change Canada’s WCEF2021 Viewing Party

In addition to delivering the WCEF2021 programme on 13-14 September, Leading Change Canada’s WCEF Studio will offer networking opportunities to create connections between young Canadians who are passionate about bringing circular economy initiatives to life across Canada. This event brings together 50-100 young people who are already working to create change in their communities across the country. Leading Change for Young Professionals will engage participants through circular economy-focused networking events and encourage activation on post-event initiatives related to the key learnings and discussions that will take place prior to and during the event.

Organiser: Leading Change Canada
Time: Monday 13 to Wednesday 15 September at 16:00-00:00 UTC+3

WCEF2021 Nordic Studio

Hosted by Nordic Innovation and Nordic Circular Hotspot, the Nordic Studio connects the WCEF2021 main programme with Nordic topics on the circular transition. The studio will be live in Oslo, Norway, gathering Nordic organisations and companies to discuss actions going forward. Curated talks will be led by Cathrine Barth from Nordic Circular Hotspot.

Organisers: Nordic Innovation and Nordic Circular Hotspot
Time: Monday 13 to Tuesday 14 September at 16:00-00:00 UTC+3

WCEF 2021 Studio – Jakobstad Region

This is a two-part studio event. The day event will be a session with company representatives that have an interest in the circular economy. Together we will watch three sessions (Opening and Expanding the circle: collaborative leadership to drive bold action, Plastic talks: debating game changers for a circular plastics economy, and Communicating circularity: getting the message right) and afterwards discuss the topics covered.

The evening event will be organised together with the local Arbis (adult education centre). The audience will consist of local residents and focus on the WCEF session Circularity at home: how you can be the game changer. Together we will watch the session and afterwards have a discussion on the topic.

The presentations will be held in English, but comments and discussions can also take place in Finnish or Swedish.

Organiser: Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia
Time: Thursday 30 September at 13:00-19:30 UTC+3

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