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Lab Log #13: We have to take collaboration seriously

Do you skip coffee moments in event as irrelevant? You shouldn’t, says Solveig Zophoniasdottir in the first Heräämö breakfast event of 2020.


Salla Nurminen

Specialist, Sustainable Everyday Life


The notion of the New Year as a new beginning holds true for us as well. We have made some changes to the HERÄÄMÖ concept based on feedback we got in December. In our future events we’ll have even more time for networking. We’ll create the time and space for this by inviting just one speaker at time to our events to be able to organize even more pair and group discussions.

We already implemented this thinking in the year’s first Heräämö. We continued with the theme of collaboration that we began in our December event but this time focusing more on how to create the conditions for orchestrating it. Climate-KIC’s Solveig Zophoniasdottir who works on facilitating this in practice led us to the central questions related to the topic and challenged us to consider the importance of listening to each other and connecting as peers.

Solveig’s thoughts for orienting to the event can be seen in our pre-event video:

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You can view the full stream of the event on YouTube:

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We gathered the participants’ insights and ideas with Mentimeter at the end of the presentation. Here are a few comments:

  • Collaboration is messy and difficult. And we somehow fail to give it time in our organizations
  • Listening to learn. Not to just see how it fits our own agenda. Empathy is not “just” a soft skill but important for all people and organizations.
  • There is no transformation without collaboration and learning
  • Appreciate the fluffy-time in between the substance (meetings, etc.) because it builds trust
  • Basic skills are not so basic, especially when it comes to human interaction


We also asked participants to describe the Heräämö event using one word. Here’s the word cloud:

You can check Solveig’s slides here:

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Solveig Zophoniasdottir – Orchestrating ecosystems from Sitra the Finnish Innovation Fund


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