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Boreal Bioproducts turns industrial side streams into valuable biochemicals 

Boreal Bioproducts produces biochemicals using wood residues from industrial processes. The scalable technology provides the basis for cost-effective production of natural biochemicals while reducing the need for biomass harvesting.


Tim Forslund

Specialist, Nature and the economy

Riku Sinervo

Senior Lead, Global collaboration, Sustainability solutions



Large-scale harvesting and processing of biomass is responsible for 80% of biodiversity loss. Harvesting of biomass such as wood can lead to adverse impacts on soil health, carbon sinks, waterways and disruptions to ecosystems more widely. Additional land-use, climate and pollution impacts are also generated in order to supply ingredients for the cosmetics, food and beverage and chemical industries.


Boreal Bioproducts is a biorefinery start-up that uses industrial side streams to make the most of biomass and reduce the need for additional harvesting. Their solution uses certified and renewable feedstocks such as sawdust and bark, which are 100% by-products from wood residues. The production process is based on pressurised hot water extraction and does not include any chemical solvents. 

“Boreal Bioproducts show that in forests we can make use of and valorise not only the wood but also other biomass around the trees. Since our biomass supply is limited, it’s important to steer it towards high-value applications.” 

Riku Sinervo and Tim Forslund, Sitra

Biodiversity impacts

Effective use of industrial side streams, sourced from secondary wood residues, helps to avoid the extraction of additional primary biomass, which can reduce the land-use footprint. Land use and land-use change is currently the largest driver of global biodiversity loss.  

Benefits for the company

Boreal Bioproducts’ solution has several applications in different markets. Industrial customers can use Boreal Bioproducts’ biochemicals in the creation of adhesives, coatings, personal care products and composite materials. By using industrial side streams and reducing waste, Boreal Bioproducts’ business model creates value from resources that are underappreciated.

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