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Levels of change

How do we move towards our preferred future? In this exercise, the participants brainstorm ideas for action at three levels of change: behaviour, structures and mindsets.


A preferred future will not happen by itself. Action is requited at the levels of technology, behaviour, structures, legislation and mindsets. One action will not bring about societal change, nor will several isolated actions. Only a series of mutually supportive actions can bring about major changes. So it is important to see your own actions as part of something broader and to understand the different levels of change.

In this exercise, the participants brainstorm for actions that promote the realisation of a preferred future by taking advantage of the spheres of transformation. These can be used to think about influencing the future through three questions:

  1. How should our behaviour or actions change (the practical level)? Could a new service, technology or invention have the desired effect on people’s behaviour? For example, various plant protein products can make it easier for some people to switch to a more plant-based diet.
  2. What changes are needed with regard to structures (the political level)? Society can guide people’s behaviour and actions through laws and regulations, for example. What is the tax policy? Does it support the use of fossil fuels or encourage investments in clean energy?
  3. How should our thinking and beliefs change (the personal level)? The most significant – and also the slowest – change takes place at the level of values, ideals, worldviews and mindsets. For example, what is our relationship with nature? Do we see it as having intrinsic value or as a human resource? What kind of action influences people’s mindsets?


Come up with ideas for 3 actions that would take us towards your preferred future:

  • An action that affects the way we think?
  • An action that affects structures (e.g. taxes, laws)?
  • An action that affects people’s behaviour or actions?

Think about how these actions are interrelated.

Think about the actions from your group’s perspective: what could you do?

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