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Understand the context: Pathways to 1.5-degree lifestyles study

Have you ever wondered how we are supposed to reduce our carbon footprint drastically in order to stay on the 1.5-degree path? In this report, four different profiles with different lifestyles go through a transformation.


Sari Laine

Senior Lead, Nature and daily life


Pathways to 1.5.-degree lifestyles study presents four alternative lifestyles for meeting the 2030 target for a globally sustainable level of carbon footprints. But what does the transition mean for the life of four different characters with very different lifestyles, values and motivations?

This study presents four different pathways. These consist of changes in individual, civic and political actions as well as in consumer choices and technologies. The changes portrayed are not only motivated by climate consciousness but occur as an organic part of the lives the people live: as they grow up, move to a new apartment, start a new hobby and so forth.

Given the right conditions, these moments of change in one’s life can be the moments for choosing a more sustainable path. This, however, cannot happen without enabling policies and markets offering low-carbon choices by default that suit each lifestyle.


  1. Examples of how different characters with different lifestyles can stay on the 1.5 pathway and lower their own carbon footprint.
  2. Creates visions of a future in 2030 from the perspective of the individual.
  3. Paints a picture of the kind of role the private sector and decision-makers have in this transformation.


  • City of Turku has utilized different profiles and their pathways to 1.5 lifestyle in their own citizen engagement work. They have brainstormed own citizen profiles for different residential areas.

Download the method as a pdf version: Understand the context: Pathways to 1.5-degree lifestyles study (pdf)

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