Globe League Finalists
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Save Pond Hockey ry


A pond hockey adventure that will make the lifestyle and choices of families interested in ice hockey more sustainable.

When the pond hockey adventure for the whole family starts, the focus is on children. Together, families fill in an adventure book that guides their choices in a more sustainable direction in the form of a fun game. With each climate-friendly activity, the family earns a sticker for their adventure book and so gets closer to scoring a goal. The pond hockey adventure culminates in a family climate adventure day with a pond hockey theme, organised outdoors.

The adventure book for the whole family has been illustrated by cartoonists and its tasks contain tips for trying new climate-friendly things, such as vegetarian recipes, some of which have been suggested by professional ice hockey players!

The pond hockey adventure starts in Helsinki and will then expand to the rest of Finland!

Save Pond Hockey ry is one of the Globe League finalists.

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