Globe League Finalists
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Yhteys ry


Iida is a mobile application that brings together individuals and associations offering voluntary work. Iida makes it easy to participate in voluntary activities.

By strengthening the role of voluntary work, we support a new way of thinking in which citizenship does not mean consumption but active participation and caring. Through Iida, it is possible to channel climate change anxiety towards partaking in meaningful activity in one’s own neighbourhood, in a way that suits one’s own lifestyle.

During the Globe League, we developed features to be added to Iida that support the social dimension of volunteering, lower the threshold for participation, attract new volunteers and inspire experienced volunteers. We see a future in which voluntary activity is a natural part of people’s everyday life and lifestyle. Our goal is to make voluntary work as popular as Netflix.

The warming planet requires us to make changes in our daily life. Let’s make the change easier and more fun. Greed is so 90s, but compassion and co-operation are what we need today.

Yhteys ry is one of the Globe League finalists.

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