An Evening of MyData

An Evening of MyData

The kick-off event for the MyData 2018 conference will be held on 12 June. Join us to hear about the White Paper, conference programme and Sitra's IHAN® project on human-driven data economy. Sign up!

Sitra’s IHAN® project is part of the MyData 2018 Conference with a partner session and side events related to human-driven data economy.

An Evening of MyData is a kick-off event for the MyData 2018 conference, where the conference program as well as the new Finnish version of the MyData White Paper will be published. A brief summary on what’s going on in the IHAN® project will be presented, too.

Join us for An Evening of MyData with inspiring people, tasty food, and refreshing drinks!

IHAN® project is building an ecosystem for a fair data economy, together with citizens and different organisations. Our goal is to produce an international IHAN® account system for data exchange, which is similar to the IBAN system commonly used in the world of banking, and to create rules at the EU level. Instead of money, the “currency” to be transferred is information. Please find out more about our new project, IHAN® – Human-driven data economy here.

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