IHAN technical workshop: Consent

IHAN technical workshop: Consent

We are calling you, expert in information systems, technical architecture, information security or other expertise related to data exchange, to join the crew!

Consent in the IHAN world

For a Service Provider to be able to provide Services, the Service Provider and End User enter into an agreement together – this agreement is the Consent. Consent is one of the three IHAN base components (the other two being IHAN Identifier and Logging) and it is always connected to an IHAN Identifier. A consent is the key component that implements the authority of the usage of a data element. Without consent, there can be no interchange of data between Service and Data Providers.

This workshop digs deeper into the concept of consent and how it is managed by the End user, Service provider and Data provider.


Link to Blueprint


09:00 Breakfast
09:30 What is consent from Blueprint point of view
Markus Kalliola, Sitra
09:45 Expert presentation: What is a consent? Practical and legal.
Mika Honkanen, Population Register Centre
10:15 First group work – Consent mechanism
11:15 Lunch and group chair preparations
11:45 Presentation of the main points from first group work and general discussion
12:15 Expert presentation – Consent management
Jan Lindquist & Robert Mitwicki, lab10c
12:45 Second group work – Consent management life cycle and parameters
13:45 Coffee break and group chair preparations
14:00 Presentation of the main points from second group work and general discussion
14:45 Next steps

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