Markus Kalliola

Project Director, Health data 2030


Markus Kalliola works as a Project Director in Sitra’s Health data 2030 project and as a coordinator in the EU’s Joint Action Towards the European Health Data Space (TEHDAS) cooperation project. The Health data 2030 project creates solutions, draws up rules and builds a bridge for the cross-border use of health data in Europe.


Markus has a Master’s degree in technology and has been engaged in digitisation projects in the private and public sectors. With his experience as an entrepreneur and an EU official, he understands both practice and the directives.

Earlier Markus worked in Sitra’s Fair data economy project IHAN project and was responsible for influencing the EU and Isaacus project enhancing the secondary use of well-being data in Finland and creating the operating model for the new data provider Findata.

What else?

Markus wants to make his mark both on the running path and in society. In his opinion the world is filled with good principles and beliefs but they do not materialise often enough. He forgets all this though when he plays with his two daughters. This reminds him of whose future Sitra works for.