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Markus Kalliola

Senior Lead, IHAN- Human-driven data economy, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 432


Markus Kalliola works as Leading Specialist in the focus areas of IHAN® – Human-driven data economy and Isaacus – the Digital Health HUB, related to well-being data. His primary area of responsibility is EU lobbying. However, don’t be surprised if you meet him in events related to the digital ecosystem in the bioeconomy, IHAN’s technology workshops or handing out ice cream at Sitra’s exhibition stand. Markus is eager to take part in everything that helps us to achieve the common goal, human-driven data economy.


Markus has a Master’s degree in technology and has been engaged in digitisation projects and other challenging projects for more than 10 years. With his experience as an entrepreneur and an EU official, he understands both practice and the directives.

What else?

Markus wants to make his mark both on the running path and in society. In his opinion the world is filled with good principles and beliefs but they do not materialise often enough. He forgets all this though when he plays with his two little daughters. This reminds him of whose future Sitra works for.

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