Dash Hackathon 2017: using the creativity of hackers to promote health

Dash Hackathon 2017: using the creativity of hackers to promote health

The hackathon challenge being run by Sitra and the region of Central Uusimaa will harness the design skills of hackers and designers for the promotion of social welfare and healthcare.

Looking at all the possibilities brought to us by digitisation, we might assume that monitoring our own healthcare and well-being or using social welfare and healthcare services would largely be easy – but that assumption would be wrong.

Although an unprecedented amount of data is available to us and digitisation also provides us with a number of new interaction methods, much of the data concerning our own health, well-being and social welfare and healthcare is still scattered around in different systems. Some of the data is easy to reach and use, some more difficult.

The Dash Hackathon taking place at the beginning of November will look for solutions to this problem. Sitra and the social welfare and healthcare services of Central Uusimaa will participate in the hackathon, which is posing a joint challenge: Hack the Healthcare.

This page will be updated with a more detailed description of the challenge closer to the event. More information about the event itself can be found here.

We welcome teams to participate and develop solutions to a challenge that concerns us all!

Natural human curiosity to speed up innovations

Most of us are interested in our own well-being and health. There is now also more information about well-being than ever before.

At the same time, a revolution is taking place in healthcare, or, rather, several overlapping small revolutions: new kinds of data and new ways of using data – such as self-measured data, genome data, artificial intelligence and new networking opportunities – are changing the traditional roles of those in social welfare and healthcare and are therefore reflected in the relationships between doctors and patients.

As experts in our own life and well-being, in future those of us who use the services will be faced with an increasing number of choices and ways to have a say in the way our health is promoted and cared for.

In order to take advantage of these opportunities, the client’s voice should be better heard and services should be made more personalised. This, in turn, cannot be done without updating the ways we think and act, and without overhauling the whole system.

Dash Hackathon and the Hack the Healthcare challenge are your opportunities to promote health and well-being through the use of data.

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