Data Spaces Technology Landscape 2023

Data Spaces Technology Landscape 2023

The implementation technologies and architectures of data spaces evolve rapidly. Welcome to hear what components are available for the implementers of data spaces now and in which direction the development will progress during 2023.

Registration By Monday 12 December 2022
  • December 14, 2022 at 10:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Online and Sitra, Itämerenkatu 11-13, Helsinki, Finland
  • #dataspaces

Speakers of the event

The data flow between companies and organisations in data ecosystems makes operations more efficient and enables entirely new services. A shared vision of cross-organisational data use and the first concrete use cases are the essential starting points for developing such data ecosystems.

The practical implementation of data ecosystems requires an infrastructure that enables reliable data-sharing between different parties. Data space means such a functional infrastructure.

This event is for organisations involved in building data spaces. The goal is to support the builders of data spaces in making technology choices.

Various data spaces are now maturing across Europe, boosted by the European Commission’s data strategy. Sitra has opened a funding call in Finland to support promising data-sharing use cases.

The event will be recorded and published on this page.

The event will start at 10:00 Finnish time (EET) / 9:00 Central-European time (CET).


10:00 EET
(9:00 CET)
Coffee and networking
Meeri Toivanen, Specialist, Roadmap to Fair Data Economy, Sitra
Setting the stage
Antti ‘Jogi’ Poikola, Senior Lead, Gaia-X Finland, Sitra
Keynote: Gaia-X Federation Services
Lauresha Memeti, Project Manager, Cloud Services & Gaia-X
Keynote: Eclipse Dataspace Components
Matthias Buchhorn-Roth, Data Space Architect,
Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
Keynote: Gaia-X Web3 Ecosystem
Kai Meinke, Co-Founder and Business Lead, deltaDAO AG
Keynote listener: How this all fits together – how the year 2023 looks like?
Lars Nagel, CEO, International Data Spaces Association idsA
Reflection and Q&A
Presenters: Lauresha Memeti, Matthias Buchhorn-Roth, Kai Meinke, Lars nagel
Moderator: Meeri Toivanen
Co-creating “Data Space Technology Landscape 2023” -handbook
Antti ‘Jogi’ Poikola
Event ends

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