Event for training alumni: SenseMaker trials

Event for training alumni: SenseMaker trials

The SenseMaker trials are currently well under way. We will have an opportunity to work on the results of the trials and the leadership survey with David Snowden.

The SenseMaker survey is a tool for observing signs of societal change. It is used to collect stories and experiences to which their narrators give a meaning. An analysis of the data provides a more realistic understanding of people’s everyday life and information on what reality really is like. At the same time, the data can identify potential crises and, as a result, help find ways to prevent them.

VUCA = volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous

Ten trials led by Sitra training alumni are currently being implemented using the SenseMaker tool. The topics comprise the following: development trends in society; citizens’ climate actions; TE Centres (public employment and business services) and the regional government reform; employers and employment of immigrants; attractive non-governmental organisations; brain health; participation; quality of life and meaningful experiences; the future of sports; and creative enterprises and change management.

In the workshop, we will analyse and work on the results of the SenseMaker trials with David Snowden. After David’s introduction, the leaders of the trials will briefly tell us about their experiences. We will also go through the results of the leadership survey. After the presentations, we will form an understanding of the current situation and together reflect on what kind of leadership actions are expected from us in future in light of the results.

The event is targeted at Sitra training alumni.

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