Future of social innovations – scaling up successfully

Future of social innovations – scaling up successfully

How to scale up social innovations successfully? What do you need to make them fly, spread and be sustainable?


The Finnish partner of SIX Nordic, Sitra, will be hosting a Nordic event on the future of social innovation in Helsinki on 29-30 September. The main question we will be tackling is how to scale up social innovations successfully? What do you need to make them fly, spread and be sustainable?
The event will gather people who are working with the future of social innovations and are eager to develop ideas for scaling up, funding and investing in making a difference in our societies.

The event takes place at Sitra. On Tuesday 29 September we will start with the lecture from  Professr  Robert Putnam  from the Harvard Kennedy School of Governance. He is famous for his specialisation on social capital and effects of inequality in the US.

On Wednesday 30 September we will hear inspirational talks from people who have put their thoughts into action in scaling up their ideas. We will hear Akseli Virtanen from the University of California at Santa Cruz speaking about their case Robin Hood, a co-op where algorithm is helping them to use financial markets into social good, Maria Ritola from think tank Demos Helsinki and their experience in putting together sustainable solutions and venture capitalists, Aape Pohjavirta who is developing learning applications to Africa and Sari Rautio from Sitra is speaking about impact investments and how it works accelerating social innovations in the public sector. However, this is only the start. Bring your ideas and experiences to enrich our collective work to cover different sides of developing social innovations!

We will establish the workshop around the ideas that we get during the workshop but also concrete projects and ideas, so if you want to bring a case, you are more than welcome to do so. Please let us know if you are planning to bring a case and email

The event is free of charge and includes breakfast and lunch on Wednesday the 30th. Accomodation and travels should be taken care by the participants. We are happy to help with any questions you might have!


29 September

15:30 Coffee
16:00 Lecture by the Professor Robert Putnam, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Governance (Koulutuskeskiviikko)
17:00 Drinks and getting to know each other
18:00 Dinner (own expence), Bar Favela, Mechelininkatu 13

30 September
8:30 Coffee
9:00 Why do we need to think about the future of social innovastions and where are the keys for success? Kalle Nieminen, Sitra + Everyone present bringing their expertise together

10:00 More coffee and inspirational talks

Akseli Virtanen, Case Robin Hood, University of California at Santa Cruz
Maria Ritola, Peloton, Demos Helsinki
Aape Pohjavirta, Mobile learning, Funzi
Sari Rautio, Impact Investing & Public Private People Partnerships, Sitra

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Workshop

16:00 Thank you, next steps and goodbyes

Please register here before 18 September. There is limited amount of places so it is always better to be an early bird! If you know people who are interested, feel free to spread the invitation.

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