Gaia-X and how to accelerate growth – pathway to EU funding

Gaia-X and how to accelerate growth – pathway to EU funding

Are you or your company interested in EU funding schemes when developing data-sharing models? Join us to learn and explore opportunities, especially related to Digital Europe Programme. The webinar is open for everyone and targeted in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • March 10, 2022 at 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Online, Teams Live (14:00 EET / 13:00 CET)

Digital technology and infrastructure have been part of our personal and professional life for some time already. They have become very essential and integral to our daily lives and work. Development of digital technology comes also with challenges; yet, with the right approach, even challenges can be overcome.

European Union policies are implemented through various instruments, programmes and funds. At times one might be lost in the plethora of information or have difficulties in knowing which EU call for funding is worth exploring and which do not match one’s project idea. EU calls for funding need to be read very carefully: they include information on the scope, eligibility criteria, expected objectives and outcomes as well as evaluation criteria.

Perhaps you already have experience in applying for EU funding or perhaps you are a total beginner. You may think applying for EU funding is not worthwhile, it appears too bureaucratic or too competitive – or perhaps you are accustomed to seeing it as additional method of financing your ideas.

One of the tasks of the Finnish Gaia-X Hub is to support and encourage Finnish companies of all sizes to apply for EU funding and to take more active role in data-sharing projects not only on national, but also on European level.

If you are interested and want to explore the EU funding schemes, existing opportunities, modalities and hints on applying or just refresh your knowledge, join us for this webinar and learn about:

  • European programmes focusing on digital technologies
  • How to work with EU calls for proposals
  • How to identify EU funding opportunities
  • How to find project partners and build a successful consortium
  • Practical tips on how to create winning applications.

The webinar is open for anyone interested in the topic of EU funding and will bring benefits to everyone, in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises. The focus of the webinar will be Digital Europe Programme, but we will also explore other opportunities.

The webinar is organised as a part of the Finnish Gaia-X Hub coordination. The webinar trainers from Spinverse Oy are experts in the field and funding.

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Gaia-X and how to accelerate growth – pathway to EU funding webinar 10 March 2022 from Sitra / Hyvinvointi

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