Gaia-X Finland domain working groups

Gaia-X Finland domain working groups

The work of Gaia-X Finland, like in the other national hubs in Europe, is organized into domain-specific expert communities. The participants of the domain working groups contribute their expertise and define and formulate their requirements for each data space.

  • August 19, 2021 at 10:00 am - February 2, 2023 at 4:00 pm
  • Online meeting

Gaia-X creates a framework for the growth of the data economy and the creation of data spaces based on European values and design principles. None of the major upheavals, such as skills data, mobility or the circular economy can happen without digital innovations and the common rules about data sharing.

Finland’s maturity in frameworks and technology supporting cross-sectoral data sharing is unique. Let’s make sure our voice reaches the heart of Europe!

The first Finnish domain working groups started their work in August 2021. If you are interested in joining the work, please find the details of each group and register for the meeting. The working group meetings are published on the new Gaia-X Finland hub page from November 2022.

If you are interested in establishing and leading a new Finnish domain working group, please contact Gaia-X Finland.

Domain working groups


AgriFood group aims to cover all the actors in the smart food network according to the EU “From farm to fork” (Pellolta pöytään in Finnish) strategy. We welcome participants from both the private and public sectors. The goal of the group is to clarify the position of Finland related to data space developments in agriculture and food systems and to promote joint Finnish Gaia-X initiatives in European programmes.

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy WG is a key GAIA-X forum for national collaboration to explore business-driven opportunities to merge business goals with sustainability targets. The CE WG will be an active forum bridging the gap between the latest research outcomes with business needs for new economic competitiveness in the fields of e.g. smart and sustainable supply chain management, meeting the climate targets for businesses and other stakeholders.
It will work actively with other GAIA-X WGs for best practice sharing, cross-sectoral joint efforts and leading European and national initiatives in the area.


Health group aims to build a bridge between rapidly growing European Gaia-X Health hub and the Finnish community of private, public and academic partners. The group offers direct channel to influence Gaia-X roadmap through active European community and potential to find good collaboration partners across Europe.   


Mobility moves people and is a prerequisite for logistics to move goods. Mobility Data Spaces make the right data available to the right people at the right time. GAIA-X can help to safeguard data sovereignty in the mobility sector and create the necessary framework for the implementation of alternative mobility concepts. These include, for example, intermodal mobility that relies on the combination of different means and modes of transport. Also, it will look into safe data transfer and data sovereignty as the foundation for new business models.   In Finland, Gaia-X Mobility will be formed under the existing Traffic Data Ecosystem, which is an active ecosystem with 120 organizations. 

Skills data 

The European Strategy for Data (19.2.2020) calls for a common EU skills data space. To improve the competitiveness of the EU’s people, the strategy identifies a need for high-quality data for qualifications, learning opportunities, jobs and the skill sets of people. The commission’s funding call for implementing the Skills Data space is expected to open in 2023.
Finland has been active in advocating the human-centric MyData approach in the management of personal data.
The goal of the group is to clarify the position of Finland related to European skills data space developments and unite Finnish organisations that are interested in contributing to the building of a skills data space – a human-centric approach uniting data, work and learning. 

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