Health 2.0 conference and networking excursion to the USA 2014

Health 2.0 conference and networking excursion to the USA 2014

Sitra and Tekes are arranging a conference and networking trip to New York and Silicon Valley,  which will include attending the Health 2.0 Fall Conference. The event will attract numerous experts and decision-makers in the health and well-being sector.

The conference is specifically aimed at companies whose business involves comprehensive healthcare solutions (mobile health, health IT, personalised health) and management of Bio-IT. The organisers of the trip expect the event to promote Finnish companies’ international business, sell Finland as an innovative platform for foreign companies and provide further opportunities for specialists in the sector to network.

The Health 2.0 conference (which runs 22 – 24 September) will feature, among other things, speeches in the field of self-care. Those attending will also have numerous opportunities to promote their products and services to customers and users. In addition to attending the conference itself, participants can also expect:

  • Pitching training before the trip
  • One-to-one meetings with key actors in the USA
  • Visits to interesting companies and organisations in New York and Silicon Valley in the healthcare and well-being sector
  • Briefings on those involved in the American healthcare sector.

Registration to Team Finland programme is closed. There are 100 people joining it (1 Sep).

PROGRAMME (updated 16 Sep 2014)

PARTICIPANTS (updated 16 Sep 2014)

Further information: (in Finnish)

Team Finland advertisement in Health 2.0 comference catalogue

Event management, registration:
Mirja Gröhn 
+358 294 618 247

Pitching, company visits etc.:

Harri Ojansuu Kari Ruutu  
+358 295 022 635 +358 295 055 733