HERÄÄMÖ: Solving problems in space and society

HERÄÄMÖ: Solving problems in space and society

In HERÄÄMÖ we will get the best practices all the way from space, when speakers from NASA and Ratkaisu 100 share their experiences of supporting teams participating in innovation processes with generating long-term impact.

Description of the event

In the first HERÄÄMÖ of 2021 we will explore collaboration around challenge prizes. As guest speakers we welcome Dr Amy Kaminski (NASA) and researchers who have worked on the Ratkaisu 100 challenge prize: Dr Emma Nordbäck (Hanken School of Economics) and Dr Ville Takala (University College London). Join the event to hear more and discuss challenge prizes as a method for addressing societal issues!

The event will be organised at 17–19 (UTC+2). As usual, there will be a chance to discuss and exchange thoughts with other participants. However, we encourage all levels of participation: if chatting feels heavy for you after a full working day, sit back, relax and focus on listening.

The event will be organised in Zoom. In addition, we will stream the event live on Sitra’s YouTube channel. The language of the event is English.

Sitra has released an assessment of the impact of its challenge prize Ratkaisu 100 containing insights on how prize programmes can better prepare teams for long-range impact. Here is link to the new report:  The impact of challenge prize “Ratkaisu 100” three years on.

Who is Amy Kaminski?

Dr Amy Kaminski currently serves as program executive for prizes and challenges at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, where she works to develop strategies to expand the space agency’s use of a variety of open innovation methods in its research and exploration activities.

Who is Emma Nordbäck?

Emma Nordbäck works as an Assistant Professor at Hanken School of Economics. She is eagerly following what the future of work has in store for challenge-driven innovation teams, virtual work, and self-managed ways of organizing.

Who is Ville Takala?

Sociologist Ville Takala works in the  University College London Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose. His research explores the digitalisation of public administration and practices of mission-oriented innovation policy.

What is HERÄÄMÖ?

Heräämö is Sitra Lab’s breakfast series in which we create shared understanding of how we might tackle wicked problems with leading experts in the field. The HERÄÄMÖ events are not only lectures but also contain interactive elements where you can network with other participants and share your own thoughts on the subject. The events are open to all who wish to broaden their horizons in relation to positive societal change and who want to network with others engaged with similar topics.

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