HERÄÄMÖ: Transforming Society Through Behavioural Change

HERÄÄMÖ: Transforming Society Through Behavioural Change

Behavioural change has been called the 'last mile' of social transformation. What does this actually mean?


The wicked problems can not be solved if we continue behaving in the same way as when the problems were created in the first place. That to be said, society changes only by behavioural change. Behavioural Design is a new hybrid discipline that combines behavioural science with design thinking. 

In Sitra Lab’s HERÄÄMÖ event, we will be joined by behavioural design expert Ashwin Rajan from Fabric Consulting, who speaks about behavioural change and teaches us how it can be achieved with the help of a tool he has developed Behaviour Design Canvas. His approach is to drive change by moving people to take action. 


Ashwin Rajan, Head Behaviour Design, Fabric Consulting

Ashwin leads the behaviour design practice at Fabric, the firm he founded to help companies focus on and achieve behaviour change. Ashwin’s twenty plus year experience spans private, public and non-profit sectors at firms such as Fjord / Accenture and Deloitte. He is Psychology & Sociology Graduate from India and a Pilot Year scholar from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), Denmark. With Fabric, he has educated and consulted for a number of Finnish organisations in their innovation efforts, including Elisa, VTT, SOK, Visit Finland and others.




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Introduction to the topic


Presentation: The society changes by behavioural change

Ashwin Rajan, Fabric Consulting


Discussion and key takeaways


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The event is open to all who wish to broaden their horizons in relation to positive societal change and who want to network with others engaged with similar topics. The event is free of charge.

The language of the event is English. Space is limited so please enroll latest on March 15! 

You can also follow the presentations on Zoom. Use the same registration form above.

The video stream will be recorded and shared on YouTube afterwards.

What Heräämö?

Heräämö is Sitra Lab’s new breakfast series in which we create shared understanding of how we might tackle wicked problems with leading experts in the field.

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