Koli Forum 2015

Koli Forum 2015

The fourth Koli Forum will be held at the Koli National Park from 9 to 11 September 2015. The theme of the Koli Forum 2015 will be Wealth from the Northern Bioeconomy – Joint Opportunities and Challenges for Business and Well-being.

Northern and Arctic regions share the same challenges and opportunities with respect to the sustainable use of natural resources and moving towards a circular economy. Opinion leaders from North America, Europe, Russia, China and Japan are invited to this high-level event to discuss opportunities for building a bioeconomy-based future. Invitees include representatives from the fields of politics, business and research.

The aim of the discussions is to identify the common factors that drive innovation, business and politics towards a sustainable bioeconomy. A joint set of theses is drawn up at the event to determine the steps required to achieve a resource-wise future.

Koli Forum is jointly arranged by members of the Koli Forum Association, which was founded by Sitra and its partners in Autumn 2014.

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