MyData 2018 Conference

MyData 2018 Conference

What kind of new business opportunities will IHAN® bring? How does identity management work in IHAN® world? Join Sitra partner sessions to find out!

The third annual MyData conference (29-31 August 2018 in Helsinki) is almost here! The conference programme includes ten curated tracks, e.g. AI ethics, Interoperability and Data Portability.

Sitra team warmly welcomes you to our sessions!  Sitra’s IHAN® project is building an ecosystem for a fair data economy, together with citizens and different organisations. At our Wednesday lunch session we will get to know to the concept of human-driven data economy and the exciting business opportunities it will bring. In the afternoon, the program session focuses on identity management by hosting three workshops on different IHAN® components.

Get to know to the conference programme and join us!

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