SIB Design Workshop

SIB Design Workshop

UNDP and Sitra have invited representatives from Armenia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova and Montenegro to a SIB workshop in Helsinki. All these countries are interested in applying Impact Bonds (SIBs/EIBs) to meet specific social or environmental goals. Topics vary from road safety to youth activity and from farmers’ training to air pollution.

The 4-day workshop starts with an overview to impact bonds globally. Then it dives deep into the structure and scoping of SIB concepts as well as their modelling and structuring with mentors from UNDP, Sitra and other Finnish organizations.

The Social Impact Bond (SIB) is a form of impact investing. In a SIB, institutional and private investors fund services that promote well-being and assume the risks associated with the provision of these services. Projects are given precise, measurable targets, which reflect the desired increase in well-being. The public sector only pays for results that are in line with the set targets.

Read more about UNDP’s work related to impact bonds.

For more information, please contact:
Mika Pyykkö, Project Director, Impact Investing, Sitra
Tel. +358 (294) 618 259,

Elina Järvelä, Social Impact Investment Expert, United Nations Development Programme
Tel. +381 (0)63 862 7544,

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