The Digipower investigation – How are decision-makers influenced?

The Digipower investigation – How are decision-makers influenced?

The giants of data economy are like the clergy in the Middle Ages: they are asking us to have blind faith in them. To be able to reclaim the control of our data we need to understand the logic of the data economy.

The Digipower investigation looks at data economy and power in many ways: the aim is to find out how the decision-maker participants can be influenced by the data collected about them. At the same time, the investigation will reveal the parties that collect data about all of us when we use a variety of online services.

The project involves 15 socially active participants from five European countries, such as political decision-makers from various political parties. The goal is to help decision-makers better understand the problems caused by investing so much power in the data economy to create a fairer regulatory framework.

It is time to unveil the findings of the Digipower investigation. So, now is your chance to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the data economy and digital power.

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