Digital services for health and well-being in Europe

Digital services for health and well-being in Europe

Together with partners, Sitra is organising a series of European events around digital health and well-being services. Results from the 2020 European Wearables Survey conducted by Sitra on consumers’ wants and needs, will give an interesting background for human-centric service development.

  • March 12, 2021 at 10:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Germany (Programme starts local time at 10:00 CET.)

Using data from wearable devices gathered by and from individuals themselves can offer new insight on health issues on a Pan-European scale. There is also a lot of untapped business potential to be garnered. The survey collected interesting data on people’s usage related to various wearable devices and it shed light on the respondents’ perceptions towards sharing health data with device manufactures and other parties.

Though the survey is particularly interesting to the surveyed countries, Finland, France, Germany and The Netherlands, one can use the results as a guideline for Europe as a whole. In the same event, a Sitra-driven the Fair Health Data Challenge is announced to local audiences. With the challenge, we are seeking practical European examples of digital health and well-being services where data is shared or exchanged and used transparently with the consent of individuals.