Workshop: Innovation portfolio sensemaking and management

Workshop: Innovation portfolio sensemaking and management

Sitra is hosting a two-day workshop on innovation portfolio sensemaking and management to help build shared understanding on the topic.

The current narrative in Finland reflects innovation and experimentation as key capabilities needed to operate in environments of growing complexity and succeeding in missions or goals such as the SDGs which require whole systems innovation. A national assessment carried on the current state of innovation and experimentation in Finland suggested adding coordination between efforts and implementing new funding models. This should support shifting the efforts from local or limited impact to deal better with the complex challenges and phenomena the governments and societies deal with today.   

Shifting Innovation or Experimentation to the systemic, ecosystemic or phenomenal level using Portfolio Sensemaking and Management is an approach that is being used internationally to solve similar challenges. Whereas Portfolio Management is an approach that is applied broadly in making investment decisions, applying Sensemaking practices beyond individual innovation projects and experiments on the Portfolio level, is a topic that many organizations are exploring.  

Sensemaking in this context, according to IDIA, refers to the “adaptive practices, experimentation, flexible funding mechanisms, longer-term investments in systems-change, based on reflective practices and entrepreneurial mindsets”.  

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is hosting a two-day seminar on the topic to help build shared understanding on the topic both in Finland and across Nordic borders. We hope to bring together 40 people from different organizations that seek to build the capabilities related to the topic. The event will consist of both theoretical and practical talks as well as workshops that will facilitate building a shared understanding.  

Speakers include among others innovation portfolio practitioners Tom Mitchell, chief strategy officer from Climate-KIC and Giulio Quaggiotto, head of innovation from UNDP Asia-Pacific. We will also host portfolio management expert Gina Belle from the Chôra Foundation and Chief Storyteller Tony Quinlan from Narrate and the Cognitive Edge Network.

The workshop is fully booked but we will be sharing materials on our website afterwards.

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