Roadmap for Fair Data Economy

Finland’s national Roadmap for Fair Data Economy leads the way for solutions that enhance wellbeing, the green transition and competitiveness.

The data economy Will to Act tells us in which direction the data economy should develop in Finland in the long term. Explore six key areas for change.

Measures to promote the fair data economy

The data economy Will to Act is being advanced through concrete actions. Find an action you can get involved in – or get inspired to create your own. 

Tools for developers

A range of tools are available to help businesses and individuals to work in the data economy. Take a look at the ready-made tools.

Data economy monitoring

What are businesses using data and AI for? Do we have enough data scientists? How is the value of Finland’s data economy evolving? Find the answers to these questions and more in Sitra’s new monitoring tool.

What is fair data economy?

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