Join us in building a fair data economy

The data economy affects us all. We can influence the shape of a fairer data economy. It’s up to us to make a difference.

Working together for a fair data economy

The use of data creates a wide range of opportunities for different industries and provides tools to overcome crises. 

It is time to move to action – the data economy requires the whole of society to roll up its collective sleeves. The roadmap is already underway. More action is needed to drive the change forward, with initiatives from society and activism from business. We call on the whole of Finland to join us in creating the best data-driven solutions. 

Data Economy Monitoring

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Take action

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Joining the change towards a fair data economy 

We are promoting the data economy collaboratively as a broad network of partners. The network, led by Sitra, brings together private and public sector actors. The roadmap’s steering group and secretariat include key ministries, the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Finnish Entrepreneurs, the Finnish Technology Industry, Business Finland and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.  

The steering group is chaired by board professional Kaisa Olkkonen and its full members are Kristo Lehtonen (Vice Chairperson, Sitra), Laura Eiro (Ministry of Transport and Communications), Jarkko Levasma (Ministry of Finance), Ilona Lundström (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment), Jyri Häkämies (Confederation of Finnish Industries), Jaakko Hirvola (Technology Industries of Finland), Petri Salminen (Federation of Finnish Enterprises), Nina Kopola (Business Finland), Erja Turunen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), Lauri Eloranta (The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions),  Elisa Kettunen (Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities) and Jonna Korhonen (Ministry of Education and Culture). The deputy members of the steering group are Lasse Laitinen (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment), Maria Rautavirta (Ministry of Transport and Communications) and Kalle Kantola (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland). 

Sitra and the participating organisations invite all stakeholders who want to make Finland a pioneer in the fair data economy to participate in the roadmap work. 

The challenging economic situation calls for new sources of growth. Data and the new business models that use it can create a new competitive edge for Finland, but to seize the opportunities it offers requires a joint effort towards a common goal. We have created a tool for this – the common fair data economy Will to Act.

Kaisa Olkkonen Board professional, Chair of the steering group of the national Roadmap for Data Economy work

The Roadmap for Data Economy is a roadmap for action. What matters is how Finland will renew itself and succeed by exploiting the opportunities of the data economy.

Kristo Lehtonen Director, Fair Data Economy, Sitra

Entrepreneurs are market innovators. This is also true in the data economy. As an organisation of entrepreneurs, it is our duty, in the spirit of a common will, to remove the barriers that slow down the development of data-based business and to promote the creation of the skills, investments and infrastructure required in the data economy.

Petri Salminen President, Federation of Finnish Enterprises

Finland can decide for itself whether we want to win the green transition race. To succeed, we need to invest fully in skills and the use of digitalisation and the data economy.

Jyri Häkämies CEO, Confederation of Finnish Industries

The digital product passport is an excellent example of a new soft infrastructure for data sharing that can significantly speed up the progress of the circular economy and, more broadly, the digital green transition.

Jaakko Hirvola CEO, Technology Industries of Finland

Transforming business life into a data-driven economy requires national unity and a strong domestic market from which to leverage the world.

Nina Kopola Director General, Business Finland

Data economy solutions and business based on them require experimentation and development. Finland has its strengths, but we have some catching up to do. We need public RDI investments and close co-operation between operators.

Erja Turunen Executive Vice President, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

At the Ministry of Transport and Communications, we are committed to ensuring that Finland continues, as one of the leading countries in digitalisation, its strong advocacy work in the EU, to ensure that the data economy has fair and harmonised rules in the EU. They offer new growth opportunities for everyone.

Maria Rautavirta Director of Data Business Unit, Ministry of Transport and Communications

In promoting the data economy, it’s important to approach digital development through a human-centred and company-centred way, based on life situation and business transactions. This will help us find the most natural needs for data flows between service providers and for digital infrastructure, such as consent management.

Jarkko Levasma Director General, Public Sector ICT, Ministry of Finance of Finland

We must invest in the enabling environment for the data economy and international digital connectivity. We want to ensure that we have enough cybersecurity expertise and resources to develop cyberthreat preparedness.

Laura Eiro Director of Unit, Ministry of Transport and Communications