Tools for a fair data economy 

There are a number of tools available to help businesses and individuals operate in the data economy. Check out ready-made tools such as guides, rulebooks, templates and tests. We will update the site as new tools are developed.

Fair Data Economy Rulebook 2.0

The Rulebook for a Fair Data Economy is a guide for those building data-sharing networks. Developed by Sitra, the rulebook helps organisations to build new data networks. It provides an easy-to-use guide to setting up a data network and defining the general terms and conditions of data-sharing agreements. The contract templates and other tools improve the transparency of data sharing and facilitate the creation and connection of new data networks.

Growth from Data toolkit

The Growth from Data programme encourages and guides Finnish companies to develop new business based on data with fair rules. Sitra’s toolkit enables organisations to implement the programme independently and cost-effectively. The toolkit contains information on the data economy, especially for SMEs, workbenches, benchmark materials and videos.

Basics of EU data economy regulation courses materials 

The rules for digital services and network platforms are changing in the EU as new regulations are gradually introduced. Sitra wants to help Finnish digital service users and businesses to understand the sometimes complex EU data regulation better, so that they can strengthen their skills in operating in the data economy and find new business and innovation potential in the changing environment. The first ABC of the Data Economy course will provide information on the rights of service users in the digital world and inform businesses about the opportunities offered by the new regulation.

IHAN Blueprint

The IHAN Blueprint, a requirements definition document developed by Sitra, shows how to build components according to the requirements of the IHAN model.

GDPR2DSM Data Protection Tool

Information and a tool for businesses on how to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Developed by the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman and the Information Society Development Centre Tieke, the GDPR2DS2DSM is a data protection tool aimed in particular at micro and small enterprises. The tool will help businesses improve their data protection skills, assess the current state of their practices and get tips on how to improve their operations.

Model conditions for data sharing

Data Sharing Model Terms and Conditions are designed to accelerate the use of data in business and can support the development of knowledge-based practices and business. The model terms developed by the technology industry include a model agreement in an easily customisable format for agreeing on data sharing. The terms can be obtained on a one-off licence and then used for your own operations and related negotiations. The model terms are also published in Orgalime’s Legal Guide to Industrial Data, where they can be downloaded free of charge. Both paid and free model terms can be found on the Technology Info website.

EU networking guide

The EU Networking Guide (available in Finnish) provides support for accessing EU funding and participating in joint European RDI and investment projects. The guide can help Finnish actors, such as businesses, to find European partners, key networks and increase their own impact.  

The playbook is part of the Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. 

Digital profile test

Understanding the basics of the data economy will be an increasingly important part of civic skills and digital literacy in the future. The digital profile test developed by Sitra helps to understand how the data economy works and what privacy means in the data economy. The test helps people to understand and assess their own behaviour on the internet. It offers practical tips on how to manage one’s own digital life and data.

Virtual Finland testbed

On the Virtual Finland Data Economy Testbed, you can test building digital services for cross-border transactions and productising your data to facilitate integration between different systems. The testbed enables companies and other organisations to test the movement of data across national borders and data silos. The testbed includes a fair data economy architecture, tools and a rulebook for managing ecosystems and data. It is compatible with the European Gaia-X and international data space models. The testbed has already been used to experiment with such things as the cross-border transfer of Nordic trade register data, export financing, industrial circular economy, digitalisation of foreign entry services. For more information and a testbed, click here.

Traffic Data Ecosystem Rulebook 

The Traffic Data Ecosystem Rulebook is based on Sitra’s Fair Data Rulebook. It creates a contractual framework for the transport sector to share data in order to build trust. The rulebook will enable individuals and organisations to better decide independently on data access rights and manage the data they share. The rulebook will enable greater trust in the authenticity, quality, security and terms and conditions of use of data, as well as in the identity and roles of the actors. The rulebook will serve as a tool for releasing more data, either for free or for a fee, in a mutually agreed format. All interested individuals and legal entities can join the open transport data ecosystem. Becoming a member also means agreeing to be bound by the rules in the rulebook. Membership is free of charge. Charges for data and services are set out in the terms and conditions.


Do you have a good tool to help you understand the new data economy? Or a tool that can help you make better use or share your data?