Basics of the Data Economy: self-learning and course materials on EU data regulation

The EU is creating new rules for online platforms and the use of business data and AI. These self-learning materials will help businesses, professionals and all users of digital services to understand the opportunities and changes brought about by the new rules.

What is it about?

The rules of the data economy are in the European Union are being revamped. Several new data regulations will govern the way platforms operate and promote the use of data in different ways. The changes underway will create new opportunities, especially for smaller businesses. 

Sitra is helping digital users and businesses to better understand the complexities of data regulation. We are supporting the development of data economy skills to help companies identify new opportunities for business and innovation in the changing environment. We provide information and insight on emerging regulation in an accessible format.

The Basics of the Data Economy package of course materials developed by Sitra includes self-study courses that are available to all, free of charge. We also encourage their use in educational institutions and for business training. The first course was produced in September 2023 and is available on the eOppiva digital learning platform.


Course 1: Fair rules for online platforms

When you create content for social media platforms or advertise online, you must comply with the terms and conditions set by your service providers. Platform companies determine who can see the content you produce and what content you can see.

Digital platforms such as social media have become increasingly important in society. At the same time, attention has been drawn to problems such as misinformation and fraudulent online transactions. New rules that will soon come into force in the EU will require digital services to act more fairly. They will have to be more transparent about how they recommend content, and users will have new ways to protect their rights. The new rules aim to balance competition between companies of different sizes on online platforms and to make the online environment more trustworthy and secure.

What can you learn from the course?

  1. The training will provide information on how the new rules for digital services in the EU (Digital Market Act and Digital Services Act) will affect users and companies providing services.
  2. Users of digital services will learn about the rules of the game for platforms. For example, they can learn how to defend their rights as users, as subjects of digital profiling or as  content providers.
  3. For business users, the course provides information on how better access to data collected by platforms can improve a company’s own customer insight or marketing. Business professionals will also be able to identify new business opportunities after taking the course.

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Do you produce your own content on social media platforms or advertise online? Do you search for information on online search engines or use platform services? Catch up with the new data regulations by taking our course!

What’s next?

We are working with our partners and data economy experts on the next part of the Basics of the Data Economy. This will cover the EU Data Governance Regulation and data legislation. The course will be launched in early 2024.

Who is involved?

The work involves a wide range of data economy experts from the private and public sectors, as well as from research and various other organisations in Finland. The development of the courses is part of the national roadmap for the data economy launched by Sitra.

The courses have been written by Tarmo Toikkanen and Meeri Toivanen from Sitra. The experts and authors of the first course are also researchers from the Legal Tech Lab at the University of Helsinki.

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