Published June 30, 2016

Article series – Carbon-neutral climate business

Author's profile page: Tuula Sjöstedt
Lead, Communications and Public Affairs, Sitra
Tuula Sjöstedt is responsible for communications on carbon-neutral circular economy, climate and energy at Sitra.

We have interviewed nine companies, which are already on the road towards carbon neutrality. We will be publishing their stories throughout the summer on our website. We hope that you will be inspired by the examples and will find your own path to carbon neutrality!

We have also assembled a toolkit that provides companies with novel perspectives on the benefits of carbon neutrality. It covers ideas, models and examples of good practice with which many companies have already built successful solutions.

Sitra’s toolkit (PDF format, in Finnish only) does not offer ready-made solutions: it helps a company to find its own answers arising from its own needs. The easy-to-use package can be employed as a workbook, as training material or to stimulate development work. The toolkit contains important notes concerning future market potential, information that is relevant to company management, strategy developers and to those responsible for the development of the business. It also provides practical tools for people responsible for a company’s risk management.




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